Poems From Psalms And Nature

There are some new posts at Poems From Psalms And Nature (second blog, July 2010 – the present).

I learn more about blogs and design every week, and enjoy creating new posts.

The posts may be older content renewed – larger print now, different images, small revisions in poems, and old poems that seem to last over time. Thank you.

A few examples:

Christmas candle

Prayers for Health and Peace

reading poetry

Creative Note: Quiet Christmas Poetry

Photo by Magda Ehlers on Pexels.com

Light: Poems

Psalms to pray
and poems to read
sun on seawalls

reading old letters
reflections of Christmas lights
on the water

small study
and books to read
days with longer light

Publication Credits

Psalms to pray:

Dawn Returns The Haiku Society of America
2022 Members’ Anthology
John J. Han, Editor
Haiku Society of America, New York

reading old letters:

Quiet Christmas Poetry (our site and chapbook)

small study:

Akitsu Quarterly, Spring 2022
Robin White, Editor

Charlotte Digregorio’s Writer’s Blog
May 10, 2022

Our Garden: The Haiku Foundation Volunteer Anthology 2022
edited by Jim Kacian & Julie Bloss Kelsey
The Haiku Foundation, Winchester VA

Poems in this post are by Ellen Grace Olinger.

two poems

late afternoon
sky colors and no wind
quiet day

sunset as I write
sky changes
to night

These poems are from November 2020.