Garden Poems – 3

Emily Dickinson
on a rainy day
gold leaf stays
on the branch

October 2018

bright sunrise
icicles on fallen branches
near the water

November 2018

the shortest day
of the year
in my heart

November 2018

shapes of trees
and branches
with few leaves

drawing a picture
with a poem

November 2019

Garden Poems – 2

sunrise . . .
small branch growing
from the old tree trunk

October 2011

many sparrows play
in evergreen trees
perfect harmony

October 2012

Lake Michigan winds
a tiny bird
seeks shelter
by the kitchen window

November 2013

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Garden Poems

new garden
in October
Autumn light

enough change
to inspire thoughts
of November

October 2015

small evergreen branch
apart from its tree
caught by and adding green
to a birch tree branch
with few gold leaves

November 2015

Sunday morning poems

calm weather
still life arrangement
with quiet Fall colors

October 9, 2021My Best Short Nature Poems

gold leaves
and evergreens
what changes
and what stays
the same

October 4, 2021Grief And Acceptance

If you follow more than one of my sites, you know that I like to reprint poems in different ways; and try new ideas with design, colors, and images. As I review my archives, I may see that I can edit a poem better. I also reblog posts, and you are welcome to reblog too.

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Thank you and blessings,
Ellen Grace Olinger

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