haiku and tanka poems

It’s too early for the local boat dock to be put back into the water, but images from other years came to mind yesterday.  I read a haiku by Martin Gottlieb Cohen at tinywords.com.  I posted a new tanka in the comments.

Here is the link to Martin’s featured poem: http://www.tinywords.com/2013/03/11/12184.

tinywords.com is edited by Peter Newton and Kathe L. Palka.

This is my new poem in the comments for Martin’s poem:

after the boat dock
back in the water
on the pilings


* * *

On a different topic, there are many new posts at The Haiku Foundation troutswirl blog, as they introduce new programs and features.  Today I am learning more about the Book of the Week Archive – Selected by Tom Clausen.  They are preserving early books of haiku by noted poets online, as they continue to grow their archive.  http://www.thehaikufoundation.org

each raindrop

With all the snow and then rain, the water is collecting on the road where the plows created huge drifts.  It might be time to take down the rest of the Christmas decorations.  Some who live in town put Easter eggs on their trees outside.  I’m remembering Irish relatives this week as well.

each raindrop
on the branch
rests in no wind
tree of tiny gems


Tulips courtesy of Karen’s Whimsy.

Lent and Spring soon

This small poem is inspired by Aubrie Cox’s doodle, from her new challenge on her blog, YAY WORDS!

Please view her lovely drawing if you have a moment.  http://yaywords.wordpress.com/2013/03/06/i-doodle-you-ku-2013.

* * *

Lent and Spring soon
He is the Vine
I the branch
in need of sun
and new strength

John 15

* * *

I’ve been feeling a little tired and the formula is simple:  rest, trust, slow down.

All is well, and I pray for the same for you.

Blessings, Ellen

Easter Dinner

I wrote this poem for my mother years ago, when she was finding new health and happiness after my father’s passing.  Later this month, it will be 30 years since my father was called Home.

“Easter Dinner” was published first in Time Of Singing (1993), and I shared it here in 2010.  I realized it’s another “gold” poem this morning.  The “deep red rose” is from antiqueclipart.com.



The background is red
Her hair has become silver
And her dress is rust.
Her smile these days is pure gold
And her eyes sparkle anew.

for Enola

Snowstorm and poetry journals

What a snowstorm, with various branches bowed to the ground.  It is beautiful, only lost power for one second (and an email in progress, but easy to rewrite).  Hope the roads are OK and know the road crews are working hard.

The Fall/Winter 2012 -2013 SMILE arrived.  This large print journal is edited/published by Joyce M. Johnson, in Southbury, CT.  She included this poem, which was also published in Bell’s Letters Poet and WestWard Quarterly.  Now that I understand better how we all experience the seasons, I don’t worry so much about writing “in sequence” here on this blog.  Wonderful to imagine and share!

June2011Flowers 012


leaves of bleeding hearts
now gold
so do broken hearts mend
so does grief heal
Autumn grace

As I retype this poem, I see that the theme of “gold” continues from the previous post. Some poems are gifts – they arrive on their own time and bless many others.

I also want to mention a new online journal, NORTHERN CARDINAL REVIEW, A journal of relatively northern North American literature.  They left a comment on my Psalms and Nature blog, after seeing “Autumn Grace” in Westward Quarterly. I hope to send some work for review this spring. Their link is http://northerncardinalreview.wordpress.com.

Other links: Poems From Psalms And Naturehttp://elingrace.wordpress.com

Shirley Anne Leonard edits WestWard Quarterly and also published several lovely poetry collections of her work with Laudemont Press. http://www.wwquarterly.com

Jim Bell edits Bell’s Letters from Gulfport, MS.

Photo of Bleeding Hearts by Karl.