cold winds in predawn hours
gentle music and a cup of coffee
stir-fried vegetables in olive oil

Autumn so swift this year
time now for a long project or two
let the days grow short, read and rest

clouds hover over small space for sun
wear a bright sweater, look at the gold leaves
store it all for a winter of faith

The image is from Reusable Art.


through falling leaves
faith on a cold night

* * *

being lighthouses
for one another

* * *
how quickly
another generation
seems I only
looked away
for a moment

how good their work
how beautiful their art

Image courtesy of

How amazing . . . the breadth and depth of all the blogs we view and read . . . what a privilege. 

Found Art – inspired by Susan Firer

the life
I thought I’d have
the life grown out of love and loss
Found Art

Ellen Grace Olinger

This poem was inspired by Susan Firer’s photos of Found Art by Lake Michigan in Milwaukee.  Some of you have seen her art here before.

Susan knew my mother, Enola Borgh, when they were both teaching at the University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee, years ago.  I heard Susan read a few years ago, when she was Milwaukee’s Poet Laureate.

Please visit Susan Firer’s website for more information about her work.


Post updated on August 8, 2015.

A Poet’s Window, continued


one gold leaf clings to my window screen . . . memories


A haiku from this blog was published in the new issue at TINYWORDS.

As I mentioned in an earlier post, there are many fine poems to read there and comments.  Also, in the spirit of linked verse, they welcome readers to post small poems in the comments.  Each post thus becomes a new work of art.

My poem in the current issue is:

Friday afternoon
butterfly rests
on the wind

Short Holiday Poems – a small resource

A  bright sunny day here.  I saw in my stats that readers are finding my short Thanksgiving poem.  So I began a new small site this week called Short Holiday Poems.

I used the About page to tell readers they are welcome to use any of the poems for free, as long as proper credit is given.  These could be poems for bulletin boards, collages, note cards, and other crafts.

I’m reviewing my Archives and will add poems in advance of special days, as I know how far ahead teachers plan.

I was 22 when I began a new special class, in a new-for-me state.  With budget limitations, teachers often spend their own money for classroom materials.  I also remember working over the summers, without pay, to get ready for the new school year. So if this new little site helps a teacher, or someone else, find a poem, I am truly blessed.

Part of creating new sites too is that I love the WordPress themes . . . the whole creative process.


The image is from a personal card,
by and from Charles A. Waugaman (1932 – 2010).
All rights reserved for his family.