Newly Fallen Snow

newly fallen snow
rich on fields and gardens

summers of drought
inspire gratitude
for this deep blanket

to soak the soil
when it thaws

a lightness in the air
branches of evergreens
sway gently

nature  knows
spring is a month away

In Morning Sky’s White Winds I Walked: Poem and Photos by Susan Firer

Photo by Susan Firer

In Morning Sky’s White Winds I Walked

I left the house that for days had been full
with winds’ strange new songs. On every floor
rattling windows, music coming out of outlets,
out of the places where walls connect. Outside
the world was all movement.
I walked among the wind-flying
papers & plastic bags that wind-full
looked like souls caught in branches.
The wind fat filled my clothes.
It seemed my feet would not hold
to earth.  I walked through blowing children,
blue recycle bins, colored gift
wrappings of the just past seasons, &
all the newsprint of the trembling world.
At the lake I stood billowing like any of the earth’s
winged things on the border’s edge of flight.

From Susan Firer’s book:  Milwaukee Does Strange Things To People, New & Selected Poems 1979-2007 (The Backwaters Press, 2007).

She is Adjunct Associate Professor, Department of English, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.

Susan’s Awards include the University of Wisconsin Distinguished Alumnus, 2009; Council for Wisconsin Writers Lorine Niedecker Poetry Award, 2009;  Milwaukee Poet Laureate, 2008-2010.

Photo by Susan Firer

Ion Codrescu Haiga #20


By Ion Codrescu.  Haiga #20.   Published with his permission. 

From his gallery on the North Carolina Haiku Society website.

Ion’s new book, WAITING IN SILENCE,  is available at Red Moon Press.  A beautiful book, written in English and Dutch, with haiga paintings.

Saturday Sunrise with Hyacinths

 Twenty Degrees

saw the sun
for a moment

now behind
blue-grey clouds
same color
as the water

Lake Michigan calm

a few
birds migrating


with the sun…

furnace turns on

fragrance of small


stirs the air

with promise of


Hyacinths  courtesy of