Tulips from Holland

We bought some purple tulips from Holland.

Sometimes I think I’ll wait until tulips bloom in our yard, planted by previous owners of our home.   Yet, we live in The Town of Holland!

It was in 1846, when the first Dutch settlers came here.

I know this because I am looking at a TIMELINE, a chapter written by June VerVelde in a history book.   Here is the full reference:   Oostburg Wisconsin, Haven of Hope In a New Land.  Copyright 2001  by Oostburg Historical Society.

Guest Artist: Shirley Anne Leonard


in the arms of night
in soft curves
the Spirit’s
more elusive height
urged onward
by a sovereign rhythm
far beyond
the stars and flight
moving with
the planets’ courses
as they seek
the further skies
bidding sleeping angels
to show us to
our paradise…

Shirley Anne is editor of WestWard Quarterly poetry magazine. She has published five chapbooks, and had poems published in Time of Singing, Ancient Paths, and two poems in books, Secure the Fort by Lucy Cain (Xlibris, 2007) and A Glimpse of Heaven (Howard, 2007) and online by Reconciliation Press, Cross Way Publications, and Quill and Parchment. 

My Mother’s Birthday: Two Poems

God’s Grace

You went on
After more losses
Than I can name

With you as
Mother and model
I must do the same

You suffered and
I do not ask you
To bear more pain

You are eternally well
Still saying, “I love you”
Again and again

(Published in Bell’s Letters No. 109; and The Discerning Poet, Autumn 2004) 

And two years later…

Taking turns
Letting each other go
Only to learn again
How love grows,

Published in Bell’s Letters Poet No. 115, Jan. 2006.

Guest Artist: Poem By Win Couchman


The teakettle, heating
Old elbows on the
Support my head.

First worship
Always free.

Published with permission from Win Couchman.

Win is the author of “Don’t Call Me Spry” Creative Possibilities for Later Life (Harold Shaw Publishers, 1990); and a co-author of other books with her husband, Bob.  “First Worship” is a new poem.