Bell’s Letters Poet–June, July, Aug. 2010

I was happy to see Bell’s Letters Poet, Issue 133, in yesterday’s mail.   In addition to poems, it includes many other features, for example, the BL Network, Addresses, Ratings (if you wish to vote for favorite poems), and Awards.

Jim Bell, the Editor, reprinted a poem of mine; and as we sense Autumn around the corner, this might be a little poem to share with someone who is learning a new life chapter following loss, perhaps during the holidays.  This was written for my mother, during the first year of grief, in 2004.  All is well and my heart is full.

few leaves
left on the lilac
living with
your loss

Mr. Bell added:  Ed. Note:  She said it all!

Poem was published first in Hermitage; Ion Codrescu, Editor.

Trumpet Vines and Time


 how the

trumpet vines

grew on the wall

of my mother’s home


like her faith

her unconditional love

when God said

“It’s time…”

Update:  This poem was published
in Bell’s Letters 135, February 2011.


Photos are courtesy of

“What God Gives: Prayers from Africa” Marcia Whitney-Schenck, Editor and Photographer

Although we have not yet met in person, I know the quality of Marcia Whitney-Schenck’s work well.  Marcia began and published Christianity and the Arts from 1993-2001.   We stay in touch here and there.  She sent me beautiful handmade cards, which I saved, after my mother was called Home in 2004.

Marcia’s new book is What God Gives: Prayers from Africa.  Marcia Whitney-Schenck, Editor and Photographer (2010, Christianity and the Arts Press).

Marcia and her husband, Dr. Robert Schenck, were in Africa for nine months in 2008-2009.  Marcia’s website is:

PAINTINGS BY MARGARET L. BEEN: Irish Hills, Autumn Creeps In, My Poignant River, Honest Essentials, and A Cup of Cold Water


 Irish Hills 


Autumn Creeps In


My Poignant River


Honest Essentials



A Cup of Cold Water 


All paintings by Margaret L. Been.
All rights reserved.
Published here with Margaret’s generous permission.

From her Posts and Paintings and Poems gallery
on her blog, Northern Reflections.

The Fields Of Corn…”I Will Sing Unto The Lord” (Psalm 104)

 The corn is tall in the fields.
  The rows are beautiful.

The air is gentle.

Yesterday a squirrel
harvested many pine cones.

Sometimes in our creative chapters
we are aware of change.  Things go
in different directions, but by God’s grace
work out for the best in time.

I think this is another kind of Found Art.

Always hope.
New dreams.

I will sing unto the Lord as long as I live: I will sing praise to my God while I have my being.

Psalm 104: 33 (KJV)