Paintings By Margaret L. Been


City Life by Margaret L. Been

FROM SEED by Margaret L. Been

Please see Margaret’s blog, THE MESSY PALETTE…growing through art, if you wish to view more of her art and read her current essays.

All Rights Reserved to Margaret L. Been for her art.  Reprinted with her kind permission.

Afternoon of Hope

Treasures of Memory

Spring on Masa Paper


Morning Mist



Liz’s Flowers


From the Patio


A Simple Day



I am pleased to feature Margaret Been’s paintings, with her kind permission.  All rights reserved.

The comments refer to an earlier version of this page.  Thought you might enjoy our conversation.  As I’m sure you know, classic paintings can be viewed on other websites.


August 21, 2010

4 thoughts on “Paintings By Margaret L. Been

  1. Being on the same page as Monet, Cassett. etc is a truly awesome experience as I know I could never be on the same page as them! Thank you for including my fun and funky folk art!

    But how I love the GREATS! (Do you know Charles Reid and Barbara Nechis? And Jeanne Doby? Inspiring!)


    1. You are welcome! I love your paintings and poetry and prose.

      I don’t know the other three painters you mention, but will learn.

      This weekend, I went through an old box and found some designs I made with crayons. I liked them and will try again! Lots of colors.

      Thanks for all your support, Margaret…you add so much to this blog!


  2. Hey, crayons are great! You can use them as a resist–making designs with crayons, such as shading in a flower. Then you can paint over the area with watercolors and where the wax has settled, the paint will be repelled. The effect is exciting!

    Watercolor pencils are fun too. There’s the control of a pencil, but then you run a wet brush over them, and voila. Paint!

    I have a couple of online sources for reasonably priced art supplies: Dick Blick and Cheap Joe’s.

    Isn’t it fun to play? I go from computer, to painting table, to piano, to kitchen, to garden (in season)–playing all the way. Can’t imagine any other way to live! 🙂


    1. A lot of new information–thanks so much! A few years ago, I bought a needlepoint kit. Looking at the back of one of the pieces from my Grandmother Grace, I remembered how to do it.

      There’s a Hobby Lobby in Sheboygan–that’s where I bought the kit. Really nice people too.


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