Tag: A Poet’s Window

a poet’s praise

sun shines
on the icicles
by my study window
good results today
from a medical test

I am grateful for my good care team. They know who they are, and Karl drives me to my appointments. Health is my main work now. I enjoy cooking good meals, and I look forward to being in the yard again this Spring. I missed last year, in some ways. The lilacs grew tall and I saw them from my poet’s window. Read many books. A year ago, I wondered if I could still live here, in this big old house. Now I can manage again. I still have areas to work on, and more follow-up appointments. Grateful for my care team, as I already wrote. And I continue to pray the Psalms, lots of rest.

Take good care too.

Ellen Grace Olinger


time to sit quietly
watch the sky

then as I read
how beautiful

the reflection
of a lamp
in the window

Ellen Grace Olinger

A Poet’s Window

I look out one window
and there are icebergs
growing larger

how beautiful the light
on the snow and ice

I look out another window
and there are the
evergreen branches
dancing in the wind

January 2015

Today I see a mixed-media painting, perhaps because I have been viewing posts by many artists. I enjoyed the arts and crafts when young, and here and there in my older years. Just beginning, to begin again!

I look up from a Psalm
as I read in an old Bible
held together with tape
and see a painting
in the yard

I’ll write as I might create
a painting some day
from what I know
so far

blue sky background
birch trees
the birch tree
by my window
and then the detailed
frost painting
on the window

Ellen Grace Olinger