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early morning

early morning
sunflowers wait
for the sun

early morning
fragrance of carnations
in the sunroom

the word
I seem to say
most often
these days —

Poems from August 2018

Photo by Karl – August 2018

sky and earth

clear night sky
plants and gardens wait
for sunrise

gardens growing
long before we came here
how deep the roots
must be and decades old
planted in God’s earth

Ellen Grace Olinger


Poems from my archives

R  efresh and renew
 ppreciate the plants in all their stages
I   nvite new dreams as we age and life changes
 ever without Hope

rain in dark night
refreshes each leaf
today I think of you
no longer with grief

for my father

rain before dawn
I think about the peonies
almost ready to bloom
and those in the area
already bowed to the ground

in the night
I sit and pray
for a longer time

rain in the night
and grey sunrise
soon we will see
the growth
from this time

Ellen Grace Olinger

Short Poems for Spring

These poems are from my archives.
I love being able to say “my archives.”
Over time, creative work grows.

tree branches
bowed to the ground
seemingly half-broken
covered with new leaves
my notebook of prayers

primroses growing
from garden to lawn
deep decades of roots
strengthen my faith
for new dreams

old photos
on my desk —
bleeding hearts in bloom

Published first in Time Of Singing (1994). Also reprinted with the poems selected for my Poet Profile at The Haiku Foundation.

country graves
silk flowers bloom
by the stones

Photo by Karl

Ellen Grace Olinger

We Will Remember

we will remember this winter

severe cold and blessings
of shelter and warmth

news of friends from other places
and neighbors who died

I remember specific times
the visual memories clear

and the different ways
our lives grew from there

once I was new here

and now whenever
we go somewhere

there are layers
and textures of memories

the present calls me still

Spring arrives as promised
and we shall meet again

Lake Michigan
April 2016
Photo by Karl

Poem by Ellen Grace Olinger

quietly the day

quietly the day
begins to end
time of rest

I have done
my work for
this day

there is always
more to do

yet one day
holds what
one day
can hold

Ellen Grace Olinger