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reading haiku

reading haiku
sunlight on the wall
near a lamp

Today I am reading from The Wonder Code, by Scott Mason. “Discover the Way of Haiku and see the world with new eyes.

Please visit thewondercode.com for more information about this book.

My poem is new today – Ellen Grace Olinger.

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Today I am reading a new book:

The Helping Hand Haiku Anthology (Including Senryu, Tanka, and Haiga). Edited by Robert Epstein (2020, Middle Island Press).

Some readers may remember this haiku, which is reprinted in the book.

looking at trees
I remember prayers
of friends

My haiku was first published at Poems From Psalms And Nature
on May 16, 2012.

Karl and I reprinted the poem in Quiet Christmas Poetry (2014).

I am grateful to see how a poem can last, be read again, and shared in new ways.

Ellen Grace Olinger