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The roses we bought last week were fading a little. Karl trimmed them and gave them fresh water. A few are arranged in a bowl and two are in a blue vase.

Roses in a Bowl by Kate Greenaway, Reusable Art
Orange and Pink Roses by Ida Waugh, Reusable Art.

Spring to Summer

So much green, seems to be a good year for the spruce tree near the ash tree stump and hosta plants, and the seawall by Lake Michigan.

It is interesting to look at the overall designs for music CDs and print books. So many ways to create. The editors and publishers support and help the writers, and all are artists. I read a few more credits, consider the sequence of songs and/or poems, and the works as a whole. How was this achieved? Can take some time to begin to learn a new work by a favorite artist. And always learning, always grateful.

weight of books – 2

Some books caused shelves to sag, and so we flipped them over. Now they have an arch, and over time they will level, and we will keep an eye on them. I love seeing the history of the books. I remember buying books at stores that no longer exist. Some of the books I bought used from Amazon were library books, from Goodwill stores, small family businesses, and other stores.

Other books are by authors who blog with WordPress. This is also true of art from small businesses with Etsy. There are more sites I hope to visit as well, and many good small presses. I wish everyone the best with their good work. It will take me a few years to catch up with all the good art created in recent years. Wonderful work.

I like the look of the shelves – home and art and friendship over time. So grateful for all the wonderful blogs to read and view. And the print poetry journals on the shelves too!

Photo by Mike van Schoonderwalt on Pexels.com
Photo by Jan Van Bizar on Pexels.com
Photo by Paola Marchesi on Pexels.com
Photo by Marius Savel on Pexels.com

Creative Notes

As I read in my study this morning, I saw these poems again.

new light
in my study

a small
on wall art

Every so often, I create different arrangements, and enjoy mentioning artists here and there. I bought a small abstract painting by Anna Cull, from her Etsy Shop. Beautiful art.

Bloganuary: January 6, 2022

Who is someone that inspires you and why?

Over the years, I have written about Luci Shaw. Her poetry and memoirs are excellent. For this post, I would like to write about two of her many books.

God in the Dark: Through Grief and Beyond, copyright 1989 by Luci Shaw, is now a classic book. I read her early memoir when it was first published. The copy I have here, as I write this post, was “Reproduced 1998 by Regent College Publishing, an Imprint of the Regent College Bookstore” in Vancouver, British Columbia.

Adventure of Ascent: Field Notes from a Lifelong Journey, copyright 2014 by Luci Shaw, was published by IVP Books, An Imprint of InterVarsity Press, Downers Grove, Illinois. A book to reread as well.

Luci Shaw The Official Website – there is a lot to read and view here. For example:

About Luci “Luci Shaw was born in 1928 in London, England, and has lived in Canada, Australia and the U.S.A.”


And some photos for my post today. Thank you.

Photo by John Napier on Pexels.com
Photo by Karl
Photo by Seb on Pexels.com
Photo by Kim van Vuuren on Pexels.com