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Sunday blessings


Christine Mason Miller self-published Ordinary Sparkling Moments: Reflections on Success and Contentment, in 2008. She promoted her book in many creative ways over time.

North Light Books is publishing a second and revised edition Fall 2015. There is more information on Christine’s books page.  Her work includes her writing, collage art, and her photography.  She is also a teacher.  I read her blog for a time before beginning this blog in December 2009.  If you have a moment to visit her books page, and are interested, you’ll see one of her cards that says “Nothing Fails.”  I have the card on a shelf now, and also when I began this blog.

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My reblog yesterday from Art Discarded is the kind of painting that speaks to me, in terms of what I would like to color or paint; and reminds me of the pictures I created in the past.  I began again this week!

I’ll conclude this post with a lovely Southern Red Trillium from wpclipart.

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Blessings, Ellen


Flowers, Art, tinywords

Today I stopped at Caan Floral & Greenhouses in Sheboygan.  I had not been there in a long time and bought some flowers.  I was pleasantly surprised to see their gifts by Kelly Rae Roberts.

I believe I learned of Kelly Rae Roberts from Christine Mason Miller and Wendy Brightbill.

So wonderful to see art online also find a presence in stores.  Caan’s is a wonderful place to visit in winter too!

When I came home and checked my email, I learned a new issue of tinywords begins today.

Christine Mason Miller – Art and Encouragement

This week I drove to Jo-Ann Fabrics and Craft Store in Kohler, Wisconsin, as I enjoy their selection of magazines.  I stopped at our own Mentink’s Piggly Wiggly here in Oostburg on the way home.  As I said to someone at Mentink’s, I feel like I’m missing something, not needing a heavy coat now!  Did I leave something somewhere, do I have my keys?  No it’s just that I feel lighter now.

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Christine Mason Miller’s new article appears in Somerset LIFE (April/May/June 2014; Stampington & Company).

The title is “NOTES FROM THE ROCKET: Surpised by a Typewriter
Story & Photography by Christine Mason Miller.

Christine’s site is http://www.christinemasonmiller.com.

Here’s the link to her “Notes from The Rocket – Hand-typed Inspiration, Especially For You” site, if you wish to see.

Her sayings are gentle and encouraging.  I see them as short poems, with the spirit of haiku.


* * *

And her new article is wonderful!

The link for the magazine is http://www.somersetlife.com.

light frost

Today is a quiet day at home.  Routine tasks. I also watched some videos on YouTube by Ann Voskamp.  I began a gratitude journal and hope to list a thousand gifts too, and then begin again.  In a way this is like my practice of writing haiku, but the journal is a list.  I am leaving space though for the poems that may arrive later on.

It is amazing the gifts of beauty given at hard times.  I have a picture in my mind of the soft lights in rooms across the courtyard from my mother’s room at the nursing home, during her last illness.  I know enough to know these gifts are like manna.  Daily we look for them and receive; they are given too without looking.  Sheer grace.

I bought a journal from Christine Mason Miller.  Her boutique closes today at 5:00pm PST–please see her website if you wish details. http://www.christinemasonmiller.com.

light frost
this morning
on the bushes
that spell renewal:

Blessings, Ellen

small collection ~ three

I began this blog in December 2009.

Here is a poem from each of the last three Decembers here at Poems From Oostburg, Wisconsin.

Thank you, Ellen


December 2009


What a road we travel
To figure out the
Simplest things and
Return to where we
Knew we belonged
All along

To build friendships
With those whose arms
Are true, all-accepting
And strong

To raise our arms to Heaven
Dig our toes in sand, and
Throw back our heads to
The wind

What a road, what a road
We travel to figure out
The simplest things and
Return to where we
Knew we belonged
All along

* This poem found many homes.  Simply written from my heart.  Published first in Silver Wings (1995); The Writers’ Bistro (2007); WestWard Quarterly (2008); and Christine Mason Miller reprinted it on her site in 2010.  http://www.christinemasonmiller.com.

December 2010

almost Christmas
through the evergreens
clear blue sky

December 2011

new chapters
grow a day at a time

moon shines
through clouds
through trees

sun rises
and reveals

our first snowfall


The image is a sample from 500 Full-Color Decorative Illustrations (Dover).

beauty + light + inspiration from Christine Mason Miller

Christine Mason Miller is another generous artist.  I received an email from her about her new project.  Every Tuesday, she plans to send out an email to simply inspire others.  I enjoy her mixed-media art and books daily.

I read Christine’s blog for some time before beginning this blog in December, 2009.  I read a lot for a long time, as I get ready for new creative work.

As you know, I can’t thank the team at WordPress enough–will always be amazed that I can blog and visit your blogs!

*One post at a time, and our work grows.*

Here’s the link to Christine’s site, if you wish to read more about her project in her own words (her April 23, 2012 post), and perhaps sign up for her special emails!  www.christinemasonmiller.com

Blessings always,