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Creative Notes

Today I looked at my Stats in a big picture way. I was interested and grateful to see again how readers visit from many countries.

I recently renewed my subscription as a Sponsor for the print journal, Time Of Singing. On the 2022 renewal form, Lora Homan Zill, Editor, noted that “Time Of Singing provides a high quality market for poets from all over the world.”

One of the favorite posts here continues to be Acrostic Poem for READING – from April 2010. This poem begins my page, Acrostic Poems by Ellen Grace Olinger.

Photo by Skyler Ewing on Pexels.com

Creative Note: Bloganuary Challenge 2022

I created a Page for Bloganuary 2022. The Pages for this blog are filed under MENU.

The page is a work-in-progress. I plan to create an index for my posts for the Bloganuary 2022 challenge. I mention that readers can also view my Archive for Month: January 2022.

The Index will take time, and also will be a good structure for review – one or two posts at a time. I may write some new poems.

Thank you to The Team at WordPress.com – and everyone for the inspiration and encouragement.

and watching
the sky grow light
gift of another day
to read and write

books on the shelf
supported by each other
kindness of friends

Ellen Grace Olinger

Art on the Walls

This year, I learned more about art forms. “Pebble art with haiku” by Valorie Broadhurst Woerdehoff is by my desk. She is from Iowa, and I also know her work from haiku. Valorie’s shop at Etsy is HaikuHere.

This short creative note also refers to my new poem Old and New.