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WestWard Quarterly Spring 2022

Today I am reading the new WestWard Quarterly, The Magazine of Family Reading. Shirley Anne Leonard is the Editor, and Dr. Richard Leonard is the Publisher.

Two of my poems that have been published in this print magazine:

spruce tree branches
by the windows
each day a painting

Winter 2021 

L ove of literature
I nspires countless
B eautiful hours of
R eading many
A uthors, and sometimes
R ereading beloved books
Y early


Fall 2018

Poems in this post are by Ellen Grace Olinger.

a good morning

Sun rises later, and I watch the light reach the evergreen branches, as I read the new Fall issue of WestWard Quarterly, The Magazine of Family Reading.

These are some of my poems published in WestWard Quarterly over the yearsShirley Anne Leonard is the Editor, and Dr. Richard Leonard is the Publisher.


leaves of bleeding hearts
now gold
so do broken hearts mend
so does grief heal
Autumn grace

(WestWard Quarterly, Fall 2011; Bell’s Letters Poet and SMILE)

L ove of literature
I nspires countless
B eautiful hours of
R eading many
A uthors, and sometimes
R ereading beloved books
Y early

(Fall 2018)

and planning
the week
what will grow
what should rest

(Fall 2016)

in a sunny corner
of the house
I could be
any age

(Winter 2016)

Ellen Grace Olinger


Hosta were still blooming last Sunday at the Fountain Park in Sheboygan.  Karl took this photo.