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Chapbook In-progress

On Easter And Spring Poetry, I created a work-in-progress page for the large print chapbook I’ve mentioned.  This morning I added this haiku, after my Easter acrostic.

colorful tulips
on a cold day
unconditional love

I think the manuscript is ready to rest now for a time.  Later this year, I’ll read with a new perspective and work with Karl on the print book, add more photos etc. I’ll want it to be similar in length and style to the book from Quiet Christmas Poetry.  The free online versions will stay available.

Some notes

Tuesday morning, and I am reading the new Time Of Singing.  I just read a good poem by Betty Spence.

The Lyric also arrived.  This magazine was founded in 1921 and publishes traditional poetry.

I have a beautiful art print by Colleen Briggs in my little study.  Yesterday I enjoyed viewing her post about her mixed-media work, and many of you will understand the technical discussion far better than me.

Down the road, I may try some photography and painting.  For now, words keep me busy.

I’ve been updating Easter And Spring Poetry, though decided to wait awhile before deciding on a sequence of poems, Bible verses, and Karl’s photos for a new chapbook.  After we completed Quiet Christmas Poetry, I did not second-guess the work at all.  I had done my best and given things plenty of time.

Thanks and blessings, Ellen