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Poems and Photo

I was reading a book and watching the trees. It is cold, but they know spring is here. Then I thought about changes in the yard over the years, and also what has endured and grown. And I remembered some poems and searched for a few more in our archives, and selected these for today’s post.

small flowers
old leaves and snow

forsythia by the garage
bright petals and beauty
for all to see along the road

in the area
where we had
to take a tree down
new peony leaves

different shapes
of the rose bush
and lilacs in the yard
they grew towards
the light

with all the ways
life can change
still they bloom
every year
daylilies and hosta

Photo by Karl – Easter Lily 2010

early June morning

early June morning
pelicans fly over the water
a deer walks through the yard

new carnations
in an old glass vase
by the window

poinsettia and lily plants
placed by the back patio door
only yesterday
and still in the house

new green
on evergreen branches
an image loved for years
the small new growth

and lilacs bloom

Journal Poem
June 6, 2019
Ellen Grace Olinger

The carnation is courtesy of wpclipart.

Lily Photos

One year, we bought an Easter Lily that had lived in a store for awhile. The shape showed how it reached for light. A nice memory, to bring the plant home, and watch it bloom.

April 2017

Ellen Grace Olinger

Needlepoint and Easter Lily

Karl took these photos in 2013. I made the needlepoint picture a long time ago, and then had it framed professionally.  The kit was high quality, and the picture is from a painting by Paul Cezanne. We still enjoy the picture in our home.

I began again with needlepoint after I was blogging here for a time. To remember how, I looked at an unfinished piece by my grandmother, Grace, who died a year before I was born. My mother gave me a few of her mother’s handmade aprons. I think my art is from Grace, and my love of language is from my mother. All gifts from God.

Ellen Grace Olinger