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Poems For My Mother

When Charlotte Digregorio thanked me for reblogging her post, she mentioned that she enjoyed this blog and my writing about my mother.

I wrote a lot about my mother in the early years of this blog.  Her passing was in 2004, and I had the privilege of helping with her care for years.

These are a few of the poems I wrote for my mother.


The background is red
Her hair has become silver
And her dress is rust.
Her smile these days is pure gold
And her eyes sparkle anew.

(Easter Dinner was published first in Time Of Singing, 1993.  The poem goes back to a time when my mother was growing a new life, after my father’s passing.)


God’s Grace

You went on
After more losses
Than I can name

With you as
Mother and model
I must do the same

You suffered and
I do not ask you
To bear more pain

You are eternally well
Still saying, “I love you”
Again and again

(Published in Bell’s Letters No. 109; and The Discerning Poet, Autumn 2004.)


Taking turns
Letting each other go
Only to learn again
How love grows,

(Published in Bell’s Letters Poet No. 115, Jan. 2006.)


another year
has passed since
my mother’s passing
I sit and quietly read
a book she would like too

for Enola M. Borgh
1917 – 2004

in loving memory and peace

My mother was a professor in the English Department at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.


And a haiku and photo of flowers:

groceries for Mom
fresh flowers
always on the list

100_9584 (2)

Ellen Grace Olinger


of my mother

and how I miss
our conversations

yet the sun rises

shadows on

blue sky and

For Enola M. Borgh (1917 – 2004)

quiet moments

blue skies and
willows turning gold
Mother’s Day

I wrote this haiku in 2011.  My mother especially loved the willows in Spring.  She often quoted Robert Frost:  “Nature’s first green is gold . . .”  This is the first line from his poem, Nothing Gold Can Stay.  The link goes to his poem at Poets.org.

a long time
since she was called Home
today, these quiet moments
of grace, a gift

an old new book

I discovered that one of my mother’s books is in print again, and I ordered a hardcover copy from Amazon.  It arrived this week and looks so nice.

Grammatical Patterns And Composition
Enola M. Borgh
Copyright, Wisconsin Council of Teachers of English, 1963
First Printing, June, 1963

Published by the
Wisconsin State College – Oshkosh, Wisconsin
All rights reserved

I’ll read slowly and share more some day.  She would be so pleased.

Now I have found the website for the Wisconsin Council of Teachers of English.

* * *
After my mother retired, she volunteered at a church in Milwaukee and taught English as a second language.  She also folded towels at a nursing home every Friday.  Her teaching career was at UW – Milwaukee.  She also loved novels.