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Rest and Review


I’m taking some time to rest and review, as I slowly get better from a cold.  I began writing poetry in high school, and my love of the language arts has always been present.

There have been times of achievement, and times of illness and loss.  Renewal.

Now I have so much work to review, through simply trying one day (or week, or month) at a time.  I also trust the times when I could not create in this way.  Many ways to create.  Blessings.

birds perch
in sheltering branches
a grain of mustard seed

Matthew 13: 31-32

Ellen Grace Olinger
Time Of Singing, 1995


with tree branches


with tree branches
as a picture frame
a window in grey clouds
with pink clouds
for curtains

Images are courtesy of antiqueclipart.com.  I love these vintage frames.  They picture hope for me – what blessings will be pictured in the future, even today in some small way?  The short poem is what I see outside the window today, and the layers of beauty in the clouds and sky.  Blessings, Ellen

“everlasting arms”

As I was listening to some quiet music, I remembered: The eternal God is thy refuge, and underneath are the everlasting arms, from Deuteronomy 33: 27a.

The WordPress photo challenge this week, and my post yesterday for Beneath Your Feet, seem to relate, from my perspective.  These photos from earlier this year seem to picture this support as well.  I also ponder the simple life of grace and humility the garden teaches.  This challenge may also inspire some poems!


last week in July

last week in July
and wildflowers
I’ve loved for decades
bloom . . .

summer arrives late
and leaves early here
yet I am older now and

I know that
trying too hard
does not keep
anything close

unless I can trust
and leave all in
His hands

A simple journal poem
Ellen Grace Olinger

sudden storm

how a day
can begin
one way
and then change
skies are dark
power is lost
for a moment
rain . . .

and then
I open a window
a little

and the same
birds sing again

Ellen Grace Olinger



Sometimes events happen that seem to be at a different time, than perhaps those of some of our friends at the same time.  My father died when I was 29, and my 40th birthday was in the hospital.  My parents were older and so the years of good caregiving arrived when I was younger.  Now I am 61 and so grateful for simple everyday life.  And my parents have stayed close, from Heaven.  The hard years gave me some of my poems.

I began this site in December 2009, and it now contains many chapters and stories.  The photos are a brand new journey.  I love the wildflowers that ask for so little.  The trees and hardy perennials.  Flowers that seem to grow from sand and rocks.  Not all are native to Wisconsin, but none take over either.  They each take their turn to bloom.

This post is also inspired by the WordPress challenge, Off-Season.

In a big-picture sense, all seems part of a bigger plan, that I can’t understand, yet trust more and more.  Grateful each day, and for the many ways I can keep growing.  Rest is also the great miracle for me.

And there is always someone who understands, though we may not know at the time.  Perhaps someone prayed.  Many examples occur to me, from the present day to authors from another century.  Libraries and bookstores are places that bless me!  And blogs . . .


Ellen Grace Olinger