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Garden Poems – 2

sunrise . . .
small branch growing
from the old tree trunk

October 2011

many sparrows play
in evergreen trees
perfect harmony

October 2012

Lake Michigan winds
a tiny bird
seeks shelter
by the kitchen window

November 2013

Photo by Skyler Ewing on Pexels.com

Garden Poems

new garden
in October
Autumn light

enough change
to inspire thoughts
of November

October 2015

small evergreen branch
apart from its tree
caught by and adding green
to a birch tree branch
with few gold leaves

November 2015

Creative Note: Time Of Singing poetry journal

I am reading poems from Time Of Singing, Volume 48 Number 2, Summer 2021. Lora Homan Zill is the Editor. Ken Gibble is the Contributing Editor for this issue. The photography is by Bobbie Rochow. Wind & Water Press is the publisher, from Conneaut Lake, PA.

These are some of my Fall poems that were published by Time Of Singing (TOS).

how gentle the wind
in predawn rose light
after the harvest moon
I begin October
with small and growing hopes

TOS, Fall 2012

late November
sun fills a glass
for a time

TOS, Fall 2013

my large print Bible
rests on the Thanksgiving tray
the bread of life

reading poetry
my coffee gets cold
guess I made it
for the fragrance

TOS, Fall 2016

Ellen Grace Olinger