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once again

once again the sun shines
above December clouds

I turn off the extra
low energy light
by the stairs
that is left on
through the night
along with other lights

safety features
already in place
and also more now
that I know about
from the years
of helping with
my mother’s care

I learned so much from my mother, all those years ago.  She always asked, “Are you writing?”  Not so much then, and that is fine.  Now I write all the time.  

Ellen Grace Olinger


at the local store…
Christmas at Nanna’s

“lingonberries” was published first in Parnassus Literary Journal (2004); and was reprinted as part of my page, Ellen Olinger – Three Questions, a haiku series edited by Curtis Dunlap.  


today I think of neighbors
who no longer live here
in need of more care
or called Home

I go to a store
where I remember
seeing a neighbor
who knew my father’s

or another store
where I saw a neighbor
who knew my mother’s

these are clear photos
in my mind and heart

a gift from another neighbor
who worked with wood
lives on a shelf in this room

and many others
who I know knew
when I was unwell

and their kindness that said
when I was a stranger

you are welcome here

Ellen Grace Olinger

Creative Notes

Almost fall, and I’m reading the Fall 2017 WestWard Quarterly, The Magazine of Family Reading. 

This week I heard from the Editor, Shirley Anne Leonard, about my recent submission of poems from my blogs.  One of your favorites, Acrostic for Library, will appear in the new Fall issue.

L ove of literature
I nspires countless
B eautiful hours of
R eading many
A uthors, and sometimes
R ereading beloved books
Y early

I am grateful to be able to share poetry in many ways.

Thank you.

Ellen Grace Olinger

Daily Prompt: Sound


via Daily Prompt: Sound


Many of my poems include sounds.

highway sounds
in the distance
years gone by

I rediscovered the next poem in my summer archives.  My great-aunt, Marie Schwanke, was a pioneer in special education.

wind sounds
and wildflowers
in Aunt Marie’s pitcher
gifts of late August

As I worked on this post, I recalled Psalm 150 (KJV).  Here are verses 3-5.

Praise him with the sound of the trumpet: praise him with the psaltery and harp.

Praise him with the timbrel and dance: praise him with stringed instruments and organs.

Praise him upon the loud cymbals: praise him upon the high sounding symbols.

Ellen Grace Olinger


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