Tag: Garden Poetry

lily gardens

lily gardens
in January

I remember
their flowers
in July

and perhaps
because they
will bloom again

now is beautiful too

Photo by Karl – July 20, 2022

Hosta Poems

early morning
hosta flowers grow
above the windowsill

July 2019

hosta flowers
begin to end
yet knowing
their leaves
will turn gold

August 2013

on hosta plants

so beautiful
with and without

their leaves
in the sun

September 2019

green and gold hosta leaves
by the ash tree stump

October 2020

gold hosta leaves
and sounds of rain
October morning

October 2020

Photo by Karl – July 2019


garden memories
some losses over time
what stays and blooms
every year – snowdrops,
daffodils, daylilies, hosta,
goldenrod – and new plants
to try a few at a time



for the June garden now
hosta and lily plants grow
their flowers are summer here

and also for the snowdrops
that bloomed in April
small beginnings of spring

amazing to watch
a garden grow and change

Photo by Karl – April 2022