Tag: Garden Stories

three short poems

These are poems from the archives to follow Gardens, Time, Lessons.

tree branches
bowed to the ground
seemingly half-broken
covered with new leaves
my notebook of prayers

different shapes
of the rose bush
and lilacs in the yard
they grew towards
the light

in the area
where we had
to take a tree down
new peony leaves

Gardens, Time, Lessons

It is interesting to look through the archives, and see how consistent the gardens are in general. Years can vary, with rain, for example. The plants that grow now have lasted through seasons, years, decades.

I am grateful to know that when the hosta bloom, there will be more hummingbirds. And I remember the bees and goldenrod last year – we let the goldenrod fill a space in a garden by the windows in the sunroom.

For all the changes, there is new growth as hardy perennials return every year. The ferns are growing so well, in an area by the cedar fence that has seen other losses. There is a lot to learn from the gardens.

Photos by Karl – June 2020