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a poet’s praise

sun shines
on the icicles
by my study window
good results today
from a medical test

I am grateful for my good care team. They know who they are, and Karl drives me to my appointments. Health is my main work now. I enjoy cooking good meals, and I look forward to being in the yard again this Spring. I missed last year, in some ways. The lilacs grew tall and I saw them from my poet’s window. Read many books. A year ago, I wondered if I could still live here, in this big old house. Now I can manage again. I still have areas to work on, and more follow-up appointments. Grateful for my care team, as I already wrote. And I continue to pray the Psalms, lots of rest.

Take good care too.

Ellen Grace Olinger

Sunday Afternoon

40 degrees above zero

which means 60 degrees warmer

than the Polar Vortex last week

I checked the National Weather Service, and learned that we have a “dense fog advisory.” We enjoyed Sunday dinner at our kitchen table.

Hope all is well where you are. Take good care, as always.

so very cold – take good care

So very cold, and I read today at the National Weather Service.

This is very severe weather, with “dangerous wind chills.”

I typed “weather” as a Google search, and it is 22 degrees below zero here now. The back yard thermometer tells me too, as the sun rises.

Our house began as a cottage in the 1940s. Many people have added their work over decades. Karl has worked hard to integrate the chapters of the house, with help from local businesses, and we are warm and comfortable.

And I am grateful for all who offer their gifts and work to all. Here I am, enjoying our blogs, with the internet. Hard to believe that it all works this well. Grateful.

Take good care always!

we share the weather

we share the weather
and the seasons

no small things
to share

comfort of one season
following another

the cold will not last
and there will be Spring

today though
patience and great care

The furnace is working well, and the pipes are not frozen. Heat, water, shelter. Karl worked ahead with the grocery list. No plans at all to leave the house. Blessings where you are – take good care.

Ellen Grace Olinger

Acrostic Poem for the MIDWEST

M  any
D  ays
W  onderful and
E  ver more
S  ure of my
T  rust in His plan

I set some new goals early this past summer, growing through some new challenges.  Now it is late November, and I am reaching a few of my new goals.  Daily dedication, and content with small steps.  Grateful for good care.  

My file for 2018 photos is smaller than other years, and the flowers are just as beautiful.  These are peonies.

July 2, 2018 – and the light
July 3, 2018
Enough for the blue vase

Ellen Grace Olinger