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Haiku and Gardens

Poems to follow my post, Bloganuary prompt for January 13, 2022.

blue sky and sun
shadows of spruce tree
on snow-covered yard

robin in a daylily

lasting a long time
daffodils planted
in loving memory

one red tulip
blooms in the hosta border
time alone with God

reading poetry
in the garden
summer school

Photo by Hilal Yalcin on Pexels.com

“one red tulip” was published in A Moment’s Longing, Haiku Society of America Members’ Anthology 2019, edited by Tanya McDonald.

Ellen Grace Olinger

early June

early June
ferns as tall
as the garden chair

kitchen window view this morning

Karl took these beautiful photos of our begonia yesterday.


primrose blooms
in a lily garden

Photo by Karl – May 1, 2010

Photo by Karl – July 18, 2019