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Veterans Day


Last year I wrote (and shared poems):

My father was a veteran and history teacher. This year, I am growing a new interest in history. There are so many ways to learn. Prayers for peace . . .

I have continued to learn more about history. There are so many stories to honor and respect. My parents had “big picture faith.”

old books from thrift stores

old books from thrift stores
with their art and history
someone’s name or a library
from a place far away
with an old card

a note written in the book
to encourage someone
or a gift for a special day
books that are new for me
and to read today


Saturday Morning: Creative Notes

Saturday morning. Before sunrise – about 6:30 AM here. I am grateful that Karl bought groceries yesterday. And I am reflecting upon the year. As I have mentioned, my father was a veteran and then a history teacher. This year, I have spent much more time learning about history. There are many ways to learn – one story at a time, a chapter in history, art created during that time, a memorial service, and the letters someone wrote that were later published. Sometimes I listen to a science or history program, and I know I am barely beginning to understand. I often say, if I learn 10%, I know more than before. And as a writer, I like to hear and learn vocabulary from different fields of work.

Memoirs and letters by artists are also an encouraging way to learn about creativity over time. And when I look at dates on books and music CDs, there can also be years between creative works. Or an artist can record a song again, with the wisdom of an older voice. And I also learned, that if we cannot do one thing, there will be something else. I have been in the hospital two times since we moved here: 1993/early 1994 and 2018. That is a long time between visits. In 2018, I saw that when I could not post, or post very much, others were reading/viewing what was already here. New poems for many – many people in the world! I am so very grateful.

This year, I bought White Bird – Anthology Of Favorites by Judy Collins. My copy is from Amazon. And as I have written, I am learning from Joni Mitchell’s work with her archives.

I have seen how artists also work very hard at health, so they can keep working. Health first.

Floral Heart Bouquet is courtesy of Reusable Art.

Short Poems: Remembrance and Hope

Photo by Skyler Ewing on Pexels.com

Short poems from over the seasons and years:

harvested fields
plowed in hope
of Spring

Deep calleth unto deep *
filling my heart with hope
greater than my mind

The first line is from Psalm 42 (KJV).

yet from this ground
daffodils will grow

small snowdrops
continue to bloom

(Spring 2021)

My father was a veteran and history teacher. This year, I am growing a new interest in history. There are so many ways to learn.

Veterans Day 2021

Prayers for peace . . .

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History, Literature, Memoirs

I watch the news, and think of my parents, and the history they lived through. My father taught history, and my mother taught English composition and literature. Both volunteered after they retired. I am constantly learning more about history, as more stories are told and heard. Books written. Through literature, we can also understand more. There are novels and books of poetry on my shelves written from places I am not likely to visit.

My parents had “big picture faith” and majored in unconditional love. I was 29 years old when my father died, and 50 when my mother died. My brother’s passing was last year. We shall meet again.

And I am grateful for our blogs. I have learned of art online and books by contemporary authors and artists. This is a good way to grow.

This week we donated old clothes to the Good As New Resale Shop in Cedar Grove, Wisconsin.

Last year, we enjoyed giving copies of Quiet Christmas Poetry to Little Free Libraries in the general area. There is a Little Free Library site.

far from perfect
and in need of grace
we found our way
to unconditional love

old paintings
words from my parents
still encourage me

beautiful with
and without flowers
vase from my mother

Images: AntiqueClipart.com

new space

new space
on a few shelves
donated books

I enjoyed creating a collection of books for Goodwill. History, memoirs, letters, biography, inspirational, novels, and poetry books were included. A book may belong to more than one category (history, biography, memoir).

Reading about another person’s journey can be a great encouragement. There may be a long time between books. I may read a poet and admire craft – and then the poet shares about many revisions. And sometimes the art is simply a gift. So this is a good time of reflection as well.

Now I am thinking about music, and small press books and poetry journals. For example, I have Christmas CDs by Amy Grant – maybe I will donate one CD. And I have more than one copy of some journals – perhaps received an extra copy as payment for work or a donation – and can share with others.

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