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Ash Trees and Hosta Plants

With many ash trees lost in our area, the landscape will take time to recover and learn a new beauty. I have written about the loss of our ash tree, and the new beauty with the way hosta plants grow around the tree stump.

Posts about ash trees:

Ash Firewood Done – May 16, 2019 – “Work and photo are by Karl.”

Hosta and Ash Tree Stump – May 27, 2019 – with photo

Seasons – My poem on October 24, 2019

Errands and Ash Trees – April 16, 2022

late August

late August
perennial gardens

all that has been achieved
colors of flowers
past for a time

plants green and rain
all that is present

and will renew
and return
another time

Poem today

Hosta – August 20, 2016

Ellen Grace Olinger


once the tree grew tall
before the Emerald Ash Borer
and then a storm

hosta plants
grew green again
around the stump
in Spring

they grew large
and flowered well
so blessed by rain
and a red begonia planter

now there is an
orange pumpkin
on the ash tree stump

and hosta leaves are gold
in the brilliant morning sun

Ellen Grace Olinger

Garden Journal

Flowers from a planter that we bought on sale at Menards in Sheboygan. We went there for supplies, as Karl completed a major plumbing repair here this weekend.

The previous three photos show hosta and ferns by the side of our beloved old house.

Photos are by Karl today.

Hosta and Ash Tree Stump

Garden Journal
July 2, 2019

To appreciate the growth – and we’ve had a lot of rain – here are two Spring photos.

May 10, 2019

May 27, 2019

My poem from May 24, 2019:

hosta plants grow
around the ash tree stump
an abundance of health
and new green

as if to say
we knew you would not
last the storm
we are here

there is new beauty now
new hope and a new time

And again today, plus hawkweed after rain in the same area of the yard.

Ellen Grace Olinger