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January 5

I’ve been sitting quietly and looking at the lighthouse down the beach that continues to shine in all seasons. *  So very cold here.  I’ve not been out of the house in days, as I am recovering from the respiratory flu that is going around.  No worries – am fine – but had not been that ill in some time.

We’ve had winters this severe before, and Karl and others who have helped us with our home have made the house so warm.  Every day I am grateful that we have power and water and shelter.  It’s also been a blessing to visit your blogs here and there – always and when not writing myself these past days.

January 5 – my father’s birthday.  Harold A. Borgh, Ph.D lived on earth from 1915 – 1983.  He was a history teacher and I often watch panels on C-Span channels.  I enjoy listening to historians.  There is always a learning curve in life.  If I think I have learned something, the lesson will come around again!

One of my favorite poems for Dad, whose parents came here from Sweden:

love for you
became her care
until she joined you there
grief gives way to fields and wind
and now I hear your voice again

(published in Bell’s Letters Poet)

Take care, Ellen

* Update (with smiles): after all these years I am learning that what I’ve been seeing is not a conventional lighthouse, but rather smokestacks from a power plant with aircraft warning lights.  Also, sometimes we can see lights on TV Transmission Towers in Milwaukee  – I don’t understand all the science yet – am jotting this note with Karl.

As a poet, though, these are still lights in the night.  Karl is an engineer as you know, so we are doing research on lighthouses in other parts of Wisconsin.

Snowstorm and poetry journals

What a snowstorm, with various branches bowed to the ground.  It is beautiful, only lost power for one second (and an email in progress, but easy to rewrite).  Hope the roads are OK and know the road crews are working hard.

The Fall/Winter 2012 -2013 SMILE arrived.  This large print journal is edited/published by Joyce M. Johnson, in Southbury, CT.  She included this poem, which was also published in Bell’s Letters Poet and WestWard Quarterly.  Now that I understand better how we all experience the seasons, I don’t worry so much about writing “in sequence” here on this blog.  Wonderful to imagine and share!

June2011Flowers 012


leaves of bleeding hearts
now gold
so do broken hearts mend
so does grief heal
Autumn grace

As I retype this poem, I see that the theme of “gold” continues from the previous post. Some poems are gifts – they arrive on their own time and bless many others.

I also want to mention a new online journal, NORTHERN CARDINAL REVIEW, A journal of relatively northern North American literature.  They left a comment on my Psalms and Nature blog, after seeing “Autumn Grace” in Westward Quarterly. I hope to send some work for review this spring. Their link is http://northerncardinalreview.wordpress.com.

Other links: Poems From Psalms And Naturehttp://elingrace.wordpress.com

Shirley Anne Leonard edits WestWard Quarterly and also published several lovely poetry collections of her work with Laudemont Press. http://www.wwquarterly.com

Jim Bell edits Bell’s Letters from Gulfport, MS.

Photo of Bleeding Hearts by Karl.

Bell’s Letters Poet And The Ratings For No. 136

Bell’s Letters Poet, Number 137 (July, Aug., Sept. 2011) arrived today.  This is a poetry print journal with a wonderful community.  It is edited by Jim Bell from Gulfport, MS, USA.

I am honored and grateful that “Migration,” a poem I posted here on March 20, 2010, received 93 votes by fellow poets and readers.  It places Number 12 in The Ratings –Top 50 for BL No. 136.


Skeins of geese flying
To our neighbor Canada
A brand new chapter…
Books arriving in the mail
Songs of beauty and courage

“Flying Geese” courtesy of wpclipart.com.

Bell’s Letters Poet–June, July, Aug. 2010

I was happy to see Bell’s Letters Poet, Issue 133, in yesterday’s mail.   In addition to poems, it includes many other features, for example, the BL Network, Addresses, Ratings (if you wish to vote for favorite poems), and Awards.

Jim Bell, the Editor, reprinted a poem of mine; and as we sense Autumn around the corner, this might be a little poem to share with someone who is learning a new life chapter following loss, perhaps during the holidays.  This was written for my mother, during the first year of grief, in 2004.  All is well and my heart is full.

few leaves
left on the lilac
living with
your loss

Mr. Bell added:  Ed. Note:  She said it all!

Poem was published first in Hermitage; Ion Codrescu, Editor.