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WordPrompt: Bridge 2

This post follows my post March WordPrompt: Bridge, from March 9, 2022.

I am listening to Spellbound, by Judy Collins (2022, Cleopatra Records). Beautiful.

And I think about how music builds bridges in so many ways. People and places. Also over times in a person’s life.

I listen to many artists, and their voices and poems are a part of life and memory and new hope. Voices may change. Some are no longer with us on earth. Creative work changes. And then to create in new ways – for example Joni Mitchell and her work with her archives. How hard they all work, over decades. So grateful.

In past posts, I have written about how poetry began for me with church and the Psalms. Then the artists and music. The Psalms continue as well – and now my new Bible with larger print, and new reading glasses. One day at a time, prayers for peace.

Photo by Anthony on Pexels.com
Photo by Nicholas Githiri on Pexels.com

Bloganuary prompt for January 11, 2022

What does it mean to live boldly?

The conversations with our blogs span generations and are from many places. With this question, I think about how I would have different answers at different times and places in my life. And some of the questions bring back my perspective and voice as a teacher, as opposed to most of my posts. I love a more simple and quiet life now, which is also good for my health. I hope to still be writing posts a long time from now!

My father’s passing (1983) was when I was a new student in a doctoral program in Special Education at Northern Illinois University – so long ago now. My professors gave me more time to complete work, as my mother lived in Wisconsin. It took courage to complete my degree (Ed.D), and more time (graduated in 1987). I began writing more poetry during those years. I wrote a poem, and then was able to concentrate on my studies. My parents were both teachers.

Also some times, a change in direction was needed. These are individual decisions. Life changes. Health first. I have read memoirs, poetry, novels, biographies, listened to music, read books about creativity, letters published after an artist died, etc. The finished product may be excellent, but “everyone has a story.” There is a lot of encouragement to be found in art, history, and literature. Takes time and dedication. Always more to learn!

The ongoing Joni Mitchell Archives are generous – so much hard work sustained over time. I remember working on lesson plans and listening to her music and poetry. She also shows how if you can no longer create in one way, there is other work you can do. Joni is also a painter. It will take some time to listen and learn from her archives and remastered albums – her life work in progress.

In conclusion, I would like to reprint two early poems. In another post, I hope to write about the Psalms and share some verses. One of my sites is POEMS FROM PSALMS AND NATURE (July 2010 – to the present). For some prompts now, I may simply share a short poem or verse.

There are so many artists and authors I would like to mention, and these are thank you notes. This is long enough for today. Thank you and blessings. Take good care, one day at a time. Blogs are flexible, and a good way to be and stay creative.


To have a vision
to sustain the effort
to see it all the way

Even when it seems
to leave you

It Is Important was published first in Time Of Singing.

Petals On Wood

The daylilies in the vase
Are ending

       Petals drop on wood

I leave them
They express something poignant

       That words never could.

Petals On Wood was published first in ARTS ALIVE: A LITERARY REVIEW (1988, The Tinley Park – Park District; Illinois).

Ellen Grace Olinger

a few old songs

Today I am listening to the beginning of Joni Mitchell’s archives, and there is more information at the Joni Mitchell Official Website. I am interested in creativity over time, and especially so grateful that Joni feels able to do this work. I was young when I first heard her music and listened through the years. Now I listen to better appreciate her growth as an artist, through decades of work.

a few old songs
and some silence

a few old songs
and no wind in the trees
for a moment
time seems still

Photo by Amelie on Pexels.com

Poems in this post are by Ellen Grace Olinger.

summer views

summer views
flowers on both sides
of the windows

Perhaps inspired by Joni Mitchell’s classic song, Both Sides Now. I am listening to Joni Mitchell The Reprise Albums (1968 – 1971). You can learn more about the Joni Mitchell Archives from the Joni Mitchell Official Website.

Both Sides Now is from Clouds, and other albums by Joni Mitchell.

Creative Notes: I wrote the poem for this post today. Poetry began for me earlier than I can remember, when I was growing up in a Lutheran church. I loved the Psalms, liturgy, and hymns.

Joni Mitchell’s Reprise Albums (1968 – 1971) go back to junior and senior high school years for me. I am grateful that Joni feels able to work on her archive series, and to all who help make this work possible.

Ellen Grace Olinger

books and music

books and music
sunlight on autumn leaves

Creative Note: the Joni Mitchell Official Website announced that she has begun a new series, the Joni Mitchell Archives.

Morning Glory on the Vine: Early Songs and Drawings, by Joni Mitchell, was published by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt in 2019. She wrote a forward in May 2019.