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new used-books
this year’s leaves
begin to grow
on the birch tree

Journal Poem
Ellen Grace Olinger
May 21, 2019

I Remember

I remember
when I was young

and first began
to watch plants
and flowers grow

and then placed
one rose from
a garden of our own

in a glass of water
on a table
by a comfortable chair

and sat there
most likely with
books and notebooks

a flower from the yard

Journal Poem
May 20, 2019
Ellen Grace Olinger

a Psalm, a poem

a Psalm, a poem
books and journals

read and reread
a few decades ago

a new time to learn
and new life to grow

and lessons learned
and so much grew

so again another Spring
cool days and rain falls

and how the daylilies
and cotoneasters grow

Journal Poem
May 18, 2019
Ellen Grace Olinger