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Simple work in the kitchen. Grateful for good food and warm water to wash the dishes. I take my time and look at the yard. How the forsythia by the garage grew this year, and is tall, wide, and also reaches to the earth.

Poems from the archives:

forsythia leaves
covered with snow
in late Autumn
years of seasons
live in my heart

November 2014

all the more yellow
because of grey skies

May 2011

warm soup

warm soup
with fresh vegetables
Autumn colors

I added orange and red peppers, an onion, mushrooms, and lots of kale to a can of chicken soup with pasta. This brings back good memories of when I shopped and cooked for my mother. I knew what she would enjoy, even if she said she was not hungry.

A squirrel is busy harvesting pine cones from the tall Norway Spruce tree again this year. Karl heard the cones fall this morning on the wood deck and against the house.

there are poems

there are poems
in the clouds and

and light seen
on the garage
from the kitchen

and one yellow leaf
on the birch tree

there are always poems



I take a break
from the news
and all the stories
that matter so much

and am blessed
by the sight
of tomatoes
in an old bowl

kitchen counter sun