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Creativity Over Time – 5


Taking turns
Letting each other go
Only to learn again
How love grows,

love for you
became her care
until she joined you there
grief gives way to fields and wind
and now I hear your voice again

These two poems were published by Bell’s Letters.

country cemetery
trumpet vines
growing taller
than the gravestones

Time Of Singing, 2012

another year
has passed since
my mother’s passing
I sit and quietly read
a book she would like too

L  ove
E  ternal
A  nd
F  orever


light falls
through yellow maple leaves
the mercy of God

This was my poem in Full of Moonlight: Haiku Society of America 2016 Members’ Anthology, edited by David Grayson.

Also published by:
Charlotte Digregorio’s Writer’s Blog
Daily Haiku: Aug. 21, 2019

home from Sheboygan
grateful for the same roads
this long

Sheboygan County
Wisconsin State Park System
September 8, 2018
Photos by Karl

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Ellen Grace Olinger


Lake Michigan
June 2018
Ellen Grace Olinger

Lake Michigan
July 2018
Photo by Karl

Fountain at Mead Public Library
Sheboygan, Wisconsin
August 2018
Photo by Karl

reading a book
on a rainy day
peace in my heart

Ellen Grace Olinger

Friends Fishing Pond
Part of Kohler-Andrae State Park
Sheboygan County
August 2018
Photo by Karl

Veterans Park
Oostburg, Wisconsin
August 2018
Photo by Karl

Gardens and Parks

The many styles of gardens and parks are beautiful.

Stuart J. Mentink Memorial Park
Oostburg, Wisconsin

Karl walked to a view of Lake Michigan. 
Kohler-Andrae State Park
Sheboygan County

Photos by Karl, 2018

Poems for the Language Arts and Three Photos

R  est
E  ducate
A  dmire
D  ream
I  nspire
N  ew
G  oals

books on the shelf
supported by each other
kindness of friends

eautiful way to
pen hearts and
pen minds to
now new stories and

older now
used books settle
in their new home

L  ove
T  ranscending
T  ime
E  verlasting
R  emembrance of
S  ouls

reading one poem
not many –
seagulls in blue sky

L ove of literature
I nspires countless
B eautiful hours of
R eading many
A uthors, and sometimes
R ereading beloved books
Y early

rereading poems
new layers of meaning
every year
all the colors
of any given day

Sheboygan County
Wisconsin State Park System
September 8, 2018
Photos by Karl

Poems are by Ellen Grace Olinger.

Acrostic for Library was published by WestWard Quarterly, The Magazine of Family Reading (Fall 2018).