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Winter Drive

Yesterday afternoon, Karl and I went for a drive. We have a few drives we enjoy over the seasons. We watch the lake levels of Lake Michigan. And how the landscape has changed with the loss of ash trees. The snow on fallen trees in a forest creates a different kind of winter image, with its own beauty.

Holiday lights are gone, and how beautiful they were in the towns. Everyone seemed to make an extra effort to add some joy to the holidays. When we returned home around 4 PM, there was still daylight. And we will keep our low energy lights, with their bright colors, in the house for a time.

We thought of the people who keep the power lines clear and watch the trees to care for them before they fall. Thank you.

the snow falls

the snow falls
and the sun rises

I see the sun reflected
in a neighbor’s window

the snow falls
on everything

evergreen branches
picnic tables, rocks, grass

planters left untouched
for just this reason

the snow falls
on everything

also the graves
the fields that were

this gentle healing

An old poem, and new again this morning.

Photo by Irina Iriser on Pexels.com

country roads

country roads
signs of change
in the landscape
and sky

yard overgrown
with plants
for bees
and butterflies

so much can wait
one step at a time
so much gets done

Image: wpclipart

Ellen Grace Olinger