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Beautiful flowers from Mentink’s Market Piggly Wiggly in Oostburg, Wisconsin.

Photo today
Ellen Grace Olinger

to admire

to admire
on the counter
and bring home
with great care

a work of art
to nourish
body and soul
the recipe over
80 years old

marbled rye bread
from Oostburg Bakery

Oostburg Bakery “Great Taste For Generations”

Poem from March 2015

Ellen Grace Olinger

The small park where Karl took many photos this year is across the street from the bakery, by the railroad tracks. So that is a nice routine – to visit the park, walk around town, and buy some bakery.

Stuart J. Mentink Memorial Park
Oostburg, Wisconsin


at the local store…
Christmas at Nanna’s

“lingonberries” was published first in Parnassus Literary Journal (2004); and was reprinted as part of my page, Ellen Olinger – Three Questions, a haiku series edited by Curtis Dunlap.  

Poems: Carnations

carnations wait
by the window

more memories
sometimes than
my heart can hold
I select one or two
write a poem

carnations from a store
in an old glass vase
from another store
wait by the window

groceries for Mom
fresh flowers
always on the list

lasting a long time
of a caregiver
and carnations
from a store this week

Ellen Grace Olinger

Cold Weather

The Milwaukee Homeless Veterans Initiative was founded in 2008, by veterans, and is run by veterans.


We are also seeing volunteers for the Salvation Army.  This is a poem from my archives:

Salvation Army
bell ringers
so cheerful in the cold
adding a dollar
to a Red Kettle or two


It is good to see food pantry collections in grocery stores.  I love my old sweaters and books from thrift stores.  All works together.

Local Stores


This is another photo from yesterday.  Leaves fall in the petunia planter, near the garden mum.

We enjoy our local stores in Oostburg, Cedar Grove, Sheboygan, and other places.

Ellen Grace Olinger