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The house is speaking . . .


The pine wood walls in our home are from the 1940s.  When I said that the house is speaking, Karl said that is because of the humidity and changing temperatures.

On another topic, for a long time I’ve been following nichepoetryandprose, by Jane Tims in New Brunswick, Canada.  She creates in many ways.  This morning, I’m admiring her “gallery of watercolors.”  The link to her gallery is http://nichepoetryandprose.wordpress.com/gallery-of-watercolors.

Yesterday I found a 1958 copy of Time Of Singing at Amazon.com.  I bought it and look forward to seeing an issue from its first year.  http://www.timeofsinging.com   Benjamin P. Browne was the Founder.  It’s not every day that a poetry print journal lasts so long, and is always new.

I decided to renew my ISBN account for Elin Grace Publishing.  I’m not seeking submissions, but rather think it is time to collect a few of my poems into non-profit large print books.  I have a heart for nursing homes.  This will be informal work.  But the books page at Time Of Singing still offers the Welcoming Hope book, which includes many people from TOS; edited with Lora H. Zill and Charles A. Waugaman.

The fall clipart is courtesy of the Public Domain Images section at Karen’s Whimsyhttp://karenswhimsy.com


Books and other creative work to share

I’m enjoying books by fellow bloggers.  In the Comments today, please feel free to share about your book.  I’ve thought of writing some reviews, but I worry I might forget someone.  This is my fourth year of blogging with WordPress.

These could be small books that are homemade, books published by another publisher, an online collection etc.   If you’d like to share more about a special feature on your blog, or a new site, that would be great too.

I retired from publishing books awhile ago, but the collection with Time Of Singing is still available for sale on their books page.  The title is Welcoming Hope: Poems For Those In Need (2007, Elin Grace Publishing).  Welcoming Hope includes many poets, and I edited the book with Charles A. Waugaman (1932 – 2010) and Lora H. Zill.  Charles illustrated the book. We all learned a lot from him about hope.  All proceeds benefit Time Of Singing.  http://www.timeofsinging.com.

Always love simply saying hello as well . . .

Blessings and thanks, Ellen

Quiet Winter Gardens

The new TIME OF SINGING arrived yesterday: Volume 39, Winter 2012-13.

Lora H. Zill is the Editor, and the Contributing Editor for this issue is John Alexanderson.  Brenna Thummler illustrated the issue. This journal is published by Wind & Water Press, in Conneaut Lake, PA, USA.  http://www.timeofsinging.com.  Audrey Stallsmith is the Webmaster.  If you are interested, you can link to the TOS Facebook Page from their website.

I’m happy this poem of mine appears in this new issue.



quiet winter

resting under
light snow

am in no hurry
for spring

yet feel it in the
welcome growing light
of longer days

and looking out
my window

I know where
the snowdrops
will bloom


“Small oval” image is courtesy of antiqueclipart.com.

Inspiration by Charles A. Waugaman

Charles Waugaman (1932 – 2010) was the editor of Time Of Singing (TOS) when I first subscribed. I asked Lora Zill, the current editor, for permission to reprint a few of his poems.

The link for TOS, a beautiful poetry print journal, is http://www.timeofsinging.com.  This poem by Charles was published in Volume 24, Number 2, October 1997.  His art offers hope.



“All my fountains are in you,” * Lord
You give the water that quenches my thirst
Not just for the moment, surely forever:
You are refreshment final and first.

Pigments are locked and brushes are useless,
Thoughts remain static unless they can spill
Out of the pen and onto the parchment.
Minds remain useless that Love cannot fill.

You are the medium freeing and binding
Colors and textures that make beauty whole
You are the fountain that answers desire –
Flow of my spirit, flood of my soul.

Life and expression, scummed and grown stagnant,
When touched by your Spirit bubbled and soared
Self gathers power when it is surrendered
“All my fountains are in you,” Lord.

* Psalms 87:7 NIV

by Charles A. Waugaman
All Rights Reserved.


Image: wpclipart.com.

Our Books And Other Art

In the spirit of poetry month, please feel free to share about your books and other art projects in the Comments.  Thank you for your generous Comments in the previous posts, and may the discussion about language continue here and elsewhere.


Under the name, Elin Grace Publishing, I published a collection of poems with Time Of Singing (TOS), which includes many excellent poets!  The title is Welcoming Hope: Poems For Those In Need.  Lora H. Zill and I were Co-Editors of the book, and Charles A. Waugaman was the Art Editor and Illustrator.   Charles was called Home in 2010; yet his art remains ever-new, as is true of all good artists.  All proceeds for the book benefit TOS.  Elin Grace Publishing is non-proft.

The TOS website also includes guidelines, sample poems, and other information.  I was pleased to see recently that Lora Zill, the editor for many years, is also posting her “editor’s arias” on the website.

Post updated on August 15, 2015

Ancient Words by Margarita Engle and Ellen Olinger: Haiku Sequence in English and Spanish


reading ancient words
stones in a field
left by glaciers

flor de memoria
mi abuela

flower of memory
my grandma

silent grace
with friends

wishing well
my penny
in sunlight

letting go
daffodils bloom
in the compost pile

camino al monte
un sueño
de paz

mountain road
a dream
of peace

*The Spanish name for “pansy,”  which also means “thought.”

“Ancient Words” was published first in Time of Singing (Spring 2010), which is edited by Lora H. Zill.  Contributing Editors for this issue:  Darlene Moore Berg and H. Edgar Hix.

* * *

Margarita’s biography (July 17, 2010):

Margarita Engle is a botanist and the Cuban-American author of young adult novels in verse, most recently The Firefly Letters.

The Surrender Tree received a Newbery Honor, the Pura Belpré Medal, Jane Addams Award, Américas Award, Claudia Lewis Award, and Lee Bennett Hopkins Honor. The Poet Slave of Cuba received the Pura Belpré Medal, Américas Award, and an International Reading Association Award. Tropical Secrets received the Sydney Taylor Award, Paterson Prize, and an Américas Award Commendation. Engle’s next novel in verse is Hurricane Dancers, the First Caribbean Pirate Shipwreck, forthcoming from Henry Holt in March, 2011.

Chapbooks include Word Wings (Elin Grace Publishing).

Engle’s first Henry Holt picture book is Summer Birds, the Butterflies of Maria Merian.

Margarita lives in northern California, where she enjoys hiking and helping her husband with his volunteer work for wilderness search and rescue dog training programs. Her next picture book is about search and rescue dogs.

Here are some of the daffodils from the compost pile.
Photo by Karl.