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Luci Shaw

This week I am rereading Adventure of Ascent: Field Notes from a Lifelong Journey, by Luci Shaw (2014, IVP Books).  She writes so well and generously about her life and growing older.

Luci Shaw

Luci Shaw has been writing poetry and prose for decades.  She writes in a generous way about her life, and growing older.  Her memoirs are excellent.  Today I am rereading from some of her poetry books.  For more information, please visit her site.

Rereading has special benefits.  For example, a poem I once read in a devotional way during a difficult time, may now teach me more about the poet’s craft.  Or I remember a difficult time, now well in the past, and am filled with gratitude and new faith for the present and future.

Reading aloud is a good way to learn about craft.

Luci Shaw is also an excellent photographer.

book note – 2

This year Sea Glass: New & Selected Poems by Luci Shaw was published by WordFarm.  I read her new poems and now will enjoy the selected poems.

I’ve read Luci Shaw’s poetry for many years, and will also be interested to see which poems were selected for this new book.

Today I discovered that WordFarm offers a “PDF excerpt” from the book.


Today’s one-word prompt is MISSTEP.

We keep learning, trying our best; and sometimes, at least for me, that has meant beginning again in some way (a place, a goal), and not feeling the same confidence as with skills that are more familiar.  That’s OK.

Beginning with my garden journal last year was new for me, and this is a good place to learn.  Some days the photos are easy and other days I try many times.


garden journal
through the seasons
every photo a prayer


Luci Shaw’s memoir,  Adventure of Ascent: Field Notes from a Lifelong Journey, is excellent (2014, InterVarsity Press).  She writes: “This is a story with many stops and starts.  Some questions with no immediate answers.  Doubts that weigh heavily and are not easily resolved.  Many admissions of failure.  High hopes and purposes as well as detours and uncertainties.  And triumphs and revelations that sometimes overwhelm my astonished soul (pages 12-13).  Her official website also includes a selection of her poems, Luci’s poetry, and a Photo Gallery (copyright by Luci Shaw).

Ellen Grace Olinger


so many years
flow through my mind
today rain refreshes
and the air is autumn

* * *

Luci Shaw writes about how beauty, nature and faith sustain our souls.  I’m rereading her recent books, and I often reread a poem or two aloud in an older book.  Timeless.

There is a generous selection of Luci’s Poetry at her official site.

* * *