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Before dawn

Before dawn, I select a book from my shelves to read. Today I am reading Seen From The Gallery, Poetry by Maureen Sudlow. A Wordly Press Publication from Ashhurst, New Zealand, 2017. I bought my copy from Amazon.

Maureen Sudlow’s site is kiwissoar flights of fancy from New Zealand.


Through our blogs, I learn so much more about the seasons around the world. For example, please see recent posts at kiwissoars flights of fancy from New Zealand, by Maureen Sudlow, for Autumn poems and photos.

Here are a few of our Autumn photos. Karl recently completed our tree work, and I helped with the Spring yard work yesterday – just picked up many pine cones. Wonderful to work outside, and sit in a chair too. The daffodils are in bloom here.

Photo by Karl – October 2018

Karl took this photo of Lake Michigan last November.

And I took this photo of our old cedar garage last December.

Daffodils – May 2016

I view so many wonderful posts every day – THANK YOU

Ellen Grace Olinger

Easter morning

The snowflakes yesterday were as short as the poem.  I love being able to catch the moment with a few words.  Karl and I bought holiday cookies and orange tulips at Woodlake Market in Kohler.

* * *

Through our blogs and haiku, I’ve learned so much about our world.  After I wrote yesterday, I read Maureen Sudlow’s beautiful poem, Resurrection.

Maureen writes from New Zealand, and she also is a photographer.

* * *

The Haiku Foundation posts a Per Diem poem every day, by poets from many places.

Stella Pierides manages this project, and she serves on their Board of Directors.  There is a Per Diem Archive.  Carmen Sterba edited the March 2013 collectionJudeo-Christian Traditions.  This poem of mine was included there.

reading the Psalms path to the water

* * *
I’ll be watching for a new Easter poem from Wisconsin, today or another day.  Every day I wonder what I will see.  I am grateful for the quiet winter I had, mostly at home.  Blessings, Ellen

Thank you and poetry note

Thank you for your comments yesterday (as always).  It’s interesting to reflect upon the many ways poems are inspired.  Perhaps we write from where we are.  I am mostly home now, and little details I missed before are a new source of inspiration.  Grateful.

Today I am reading Antipodes by Maureen Sudlow (2014, Steele Roberts Publishers; Wellington, Aotearoa New Zealand).  She includes beautiful photos and poems.  Maureen’s site is kiwissoar flights of fancy from New Zealand.  There is a special Page for Antipodes.