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Poem and Photos

a small card
in a devotional book
from a thrift store

words of encouragement
from one person to another

I keep the card with the book
and its history today
and tomorrow

From my site, Poems From Psalms And Nature

Used books sometimes bring personal notes with them, or simply the name of the person who owned the book. I also like how a book that once belonged to a library has that history. Perhaps a book was discarded/sold to make room on the shelves, and had not been borrowed for a time. Now the book continues its journey in another way.

Ellen Grace Olinger

These are photos by Karl, from last summer.

Sheboygan Interurban Trail
July, 2018

Queen Anne’s Lace

Queen Anne’s Lace
Sheboygan Interurban Trail
July 27, 2018
Photos by Karl

my old sweater
worn thin
Queen Anne’s lace
along country roads

Ellen Grace Olinger

Creative Notes: Posts

These are a few posts from the past that readers found, and that I then rediscovered from the stats for this site. I also use the Top Posts & Pages widget (filed under Menu), which provides information and may help new readers get an overview of the content here.

Yesterday, I mentioned a few pages from this site.

Photo of the Moon Shining on Lake Michigan, Recalling a Joni Mitchell song, is a post from May 2010. There is a photo by Karl and a quote from a song by Joni Mitchell.

Acrostic for WIND was also inspired by music. I was listening to a CD by Sarah McLachlan – please see the post for the poem and more information. Sarah covered a song by Susan Enan, “Bring On The Wonder.”

Over the years, I have received good feedback about this poem:


To have a vision
to sustain the effort
to see it all the way
through – –

Even when it seems
to leave you

It Is Important was published first in Time Of Singing.

Ellen Grace Olinger

Photo by Karl
Community Path
July 2, 2018


Photos from yesterday
Grateful for flowers from stores
Ellen Grace Olinger

Mauthe Lake
We walked around the lake on the Tamarack Circle Nature Trail.
Fond du Lac County
July 15, 2018
Photos by Karl

all this year has held still holds

all this year has held
still holds

I sit quietly
blessed with
shooting stars
in the view

2018 a year of new
health challenges –
progress and follow-up
appointments for 2019
on the calendar

new goals for health
and creative work

more people
have helped me
and cared for me 
than I know to thank

a caregiver rests in care

all this year has held
still holds

Oostburg, Wisconsin
July 13, 2018
Photo by Karl

Ellen Grace Olinger

Thank you