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we drove North

we drove North
to see fall colors

along the way
snow fell and
lightly covered

fields of soybeans,
corn, and other crops

and the wind
painted one side
of tall trees
with the snow

My poem is from my post for October 20, 2018.

Ellen Grace Olinger

Image: wpclipart

Wisconsin Winters

asked here and there
if we go South
for a time

we stay


A poem last January, and we are settled for another winter. And I also know there could be a time to change. The winters can be very hard. I so love our four seasons, and watching carefully. Each month is different. The small strong snowdrops are the first perennials to bloom in our yard. One year, they were covered with new snow, and then there they still were, with their tiny flowers.

Years ago, I wrote this short poem. I remember how significant it was that I could write a poem.

First real snow
last night
My heart lifts
January light.

“First real snow” was published in SMILE (WINTER 2000-01); and reprinted in SMILE (FALL/WINTER 2009-10). With a lot of winter ahead, the light is already different. A unique beauty.

Reusable Art

With best wishes for the New Year.

Ellen Grace Olinger


tree farm
young trees grow
alongside the old


sun reaches trees
also old pine wood
in the house


This poem is from May 13, 2013:

nothing could be
more beautiful
than the trees
and their new leaves
except for when
they are in full
summer green
and then turn
their autumn colors
and then are their
wise winter selves
waiting for spring


The pear tree is courtesy of Reusable Art.

Poems are by Ellen Grace Olinger.

August poems

old wild roses
bloom again

path to the garage
on the branch bowed down
two new roses


warm August night
light fading –

Time Of Singing (1996)


blueberries on sale
from Canada now


late summer garden
and the lake in sun
blessings of friendship


a small crowd
waits for the doors to open–
the library


autumn in the air
young people
open doors for me
at the library


wind sounds
and wildflowers
in Aunt Marie’s pitcher
gifts of late August


When my spirit
was overwhelmed within me,
then thou knewest my path.

Psalm 142: 3a (KJV)


Ellen Grace Olinger

always beauty

after the leaves fall
and the days grow short
holiday lights begin

small town main streets
and country roads

November skies and fields
have a stark and simple

when winter settles in
for a long time
after Christmas

the light in January
is already changed
from now

Ellen Grace Olinger


The sun rose almost an hour ago.  I looked at the clock – 6: 11.  The light through the days and seasons is a beautiful gift to observe and enjoy.

A few short poems from my archives:

night sky
seeing stars
through leaves

raindrop balances
on a branch
almost Autumn


An acrostic for Autumn:

A dore with no need for a moment to
U nderstand this beauty
T rust and
U nderline with words, painting, photo . . . this
M oment
N ow and always


to the store
on old beloved roads
light and wind
through fields of corn
birds fly together


Poems are by Ellen Grace Olinger.


Our jewelweed is blooming.  This photo is by “Paul Sherman of wpclipart dedicated to the Public Domain.”