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Daily Prompt: December 7, 2022

Do you have a favorite place you have visited? Where is it?

Daily Prompt


old songs
Winter and then
another Spring

Summer follows
and then Autumn
old songs ever new

the Midwest through
all my years so far
and old songs still new

Poem from January 2021
Ellen Grace Olinger

Photo by Karl – April 2022
Photo by Karl – July 2022


As beautiful
as the other months are

and I think of daffodils and
daylilies, and October leaves

there is a special beauty
in November

just now forsythia leaves
are green-yellow, near the
yellow chrysanthemum
on a green chair, and the
old cedar tree and garage

Image: Karen’s Whimsy

Old Poem: And So My Soul

And so my soul
Spills over
Into print again
As the sun spills
Over flowers
And the neighborhood

Endurance is eloquent
And marigolds are
Admirable because
They bloom
So long

Oh, my heart
Is tender
Yet God keeps it
And so my soul
Spills over
Into print again

Ellen Grace Olinger

Time of Singing,1991

Photo by Kevin Rojas on Pexels.com