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Music Note

HELEN JANE LONG Live at St James’s London is a beautiful concert (BLE Records, United Kingdom). The music was composed and arranged by Helen Jane Long, and performed by Helen Jane Long and The London Players in 2015. I had not listened for a time, so the music is both familiar and new.

a few old songs

Today I am listening to the beginning of Joni Mitchell’s archives, and there is more information at the Joni Mitchell Official Website. I am interested in creativity over time, and especially so grateful that Joni feels able to do this work. I was young when I first heard her music and listened through the years. Now I listen to better appreciate her growth as an artist, through decades of work.

a few old songs
and some silence

a few old songs
and no wind in the trees
for a moment
time seems still

Photo by Amelie on Pexels.com

Poems in this post are by Ellen Grace Olinger.