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Gardens, Time, Lessons

It is interesting to look through the archives, and see how consistent the gardens are in general. Years can vary, with rain, for example. The plants that grow now have lasted through seasons, years, decades.

I am grateful to know that when the hosta bloom, there will be more hummingbirds. And I remember the bees and goldenrod last year – we let the goldenrod fill a space in a garden by the windows in the sunroom.

For all the changes, there is new growth as hardy perennials return every year. The ferns are growing so well, in an area by the cedar fence that has seen other losses. There is a lot to learn from the gardens.

Photos by Karl – June 2020

breakfast and a view

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breakfast and a view
of the gardens

work at the kitchen sink
and by the window

words as I look outside
“green garden rain”

daylilies begin to form
their flowers

peonies in the area
bow to needed rain

Photo by Karl
Photo by Karl
Ellen Grace Olinger

beautiful gardens
in all their growth
and changes
over time

once upon a time – and today

once upon a time
my mother and I spent
so much time
in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

I remember her love
of flowers and all the colors
and the Bridal Wreath
bushes in bloom

once upon a time
love grows and endures
my great lesson
and hope

and gifts from
the seasons and yard
every year

My poem is from June 25, 2019. I am watching the day begin, heard a bird song, and the Bridal Wreath bush we planted some time ago is growing well in a new Spring.

Garden Journal
June 25, 2019
Photos by Karl