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Hosta Poems

early morning
hosta flowers grow
above the windowsill

July 2019

hosta flowers
begin to end
yet knowing
their leaves
will turn gold

August 2013

on hosta plants

so beautiful
with and without

their leaves
in the sun

September 2019

green and gold hosta leaves
by the ash tree stump

October 2020

gold hosta leaves
and sounds of rain
October morning

October 2020

Photo by Karl – July 2019

Garden Notes 2022

Mid-October and I reflect upon the yard. The deer have been here, and hosta plants will grow again next year. We are leaving the thistle plants for a different beauty in winter. We bought chrysanthemums and a pumpkin. Most of all, I watch the light in the house and yard.

path to the garage
deer discovered
the hosta plants

autumn days
are new each year
books to read again

warm soup
with fresh vegetables
autumn colors

Photo by Karl
Photo by Karl
Photo by Karl
Photo by Karl

Gardens and Seasons

August plants and flowers discover a new home in our yard. Grateful to see goldenrod and new thistle plants. Last year, there were many bees when the goldenrod bloomed.

A few years ago, Karl removed the invasive garlic mustard plants. The Garlic mustard page has more information, at the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources. Some new space was created.

We appreciate the variety of gardens we see in the area, including formal gardens, a few plants by a door, and wildflowers. I learn a little more each year, from the gardens here and blog posts. As I write, I think about holiday lights – the many ways people decorate. A grand display, and then something simple. All works together. The beauty of today, and every month and season.

Photo by Jonas Von Werne on Pexels.com
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com