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we remember

we remember
some of our stories
in different ways
but together
a more complete

like the summer
of three flat tires

I remember the
drives to school
and he remembers
how the flats
actually happened

since he handled
the repairs

Always Beauty: Short Season Poems

always beauty
wildflowers bloom
by the junkyard

lake and sky
same color
Autumn Equinox

one month ends
another begins
evergreen branches
frame night sky

Autumn afternoon
early glow of
streetlights in town

sun spotlights
snowflakes on the window
falling stars

windblown snow
plastered on windows
snow paintings

farmers planting seeds
in many fields . . .
letters become words

and letting my mind rest
robins teach me their song

morning coffee
with pink clouds
floating in sky
pink lilies on the table
bloom in reply

Credits: poems written for my blogs.  Hope you found a favorite and also something new.  Blessings, Ellen