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May garden notes

Karen’s Whimsy

The birch tree branch, with new leaves, that I wrote a haiku for yesterday, is growing from a larger branch with no leaves. I did not realize this at first. The hosta are growing well around the ash tree stump. The daffodils I planted, in loving memory, are in bloom. Yesterday, when we returned home from an errand, Karl saw the first primrose flowers. They have spread to the lawn. We also let the dandelions grow and bloom. Soon we will see bees, butterflies, and hummingbirds. And as one flower ends, another begins.

Inspiration: Snowdrops

What a good year for the snowdrops. They grow and endure, and return each year. The first flowers in our yard. They picture a kind word, a small poem, everyday blessings. A post in my Reader, a devotional book from a thrift store, and a small plant by the window. I do not know when they first grew and bloomed in the gardens, and we have been here a long time.

Ellen Grace Olinger – April 10, 2017

The Light

The light was especially beautiful yesterday.  In the early morning, there were rays of light through layers of clouds.

For a moment later, the light on the cotoneaster branches looked like holiday lights.

In the afternoon, Karl and I went for a walk in the neighborhood.  The light through trees, falling on a creek, November gardens . . . all so beautiful.


This morning, I discovered some vintage postcards by Ellen Clapsaddle at Reusable Art.  This is one example:


Thanksgiving Harvest