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September on the horizon

on the horizon
all the goals
I can still
try to reach

This is an older poem, and my thoughts today reflect changes and years.

Good to have goals, and good to be flexible and able to revise. For example, I have made good progress on a draft for a new book. One post at a time, work grows. Then the new work is to make selections. Let things rest, and return with a renewed perspective. And I still like Quiet Christmas Poetry (2014, Elin Grace Publishing; second printing 2017). So perhaps the new book in 2022. Every person’s journey is unique. Take good care.

sun shines on old books
from my mother

Photo by Rachel Claire on Pexels.com
Photo by Thnh Phng on Pexels.com

History, Literature, Memoirs

I watch the news, and think of my parents, and the history they lived through. My father taught history, and my mother taught English composition and literature. Both volunteered after they retired. I am constantly learning more about history, as more stories are told and heard. Books written. Through literature, we can also understand more. There are novels and books of poetry on my shelves written from places I am not likely to visit.

My parents had “big picture faith” and majored in unconditional love. I was 29 years old when my father died, and 50 when my mother died. My brother’s passing was last year. We shall meet again.

And I am grateful for our blogs. I have learned of art online and books by contemporary authors and artists. This is a good way to grow.

This week we donated old clothes to the Good As New Resale Shop in Cedar Grove, Wisconsin.

Last year, we enjoyed giving copies of Quiet Christmas Poetry to Little Free Libraries in the general area. There is a Little Free Library site.

far from perfect
and in need of grace
we found our way
to unconditional love

old paintings
words from my parents
still encourage me

beautiful with
and without flowers
vase from my mother

Images: AntiqueClipart.com

The Christmas Spirit

Yesterday, the weather was mild and we ran a few errands, with our face masks and social distance guidelines in place. For years, we went to help family in other places. Dear memories. Also good to visit our local businesses closer to Christmas. We went to Good As New Thrift & Consignment Store in Cedar Grove, Wisconsin, and Karl took 10 copies of Quiet Christmas Poetry to the front desk. Many people were there and I stayed in the car. Then to Oostburg Bakery for some of their marble rye bread and Christmas cookies. On to Mentink’s Piggly Wiggly and a red poinsettia, some food for us, and they also collect for a local food pantry. There were Red Kettles for the Salvation Army there and at Walmart in Sheboygan, Wisconsin this week.

small gifts
and good cheer
taking care of others
with hope
for the new year