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Christmas, Winter, New Year

The Quiet Christmas Poetry site is a free version of our large print chapbook. We donated copies to libraries and other places. Karl’s classic Lake Michigan photo is the Cover Art.

and humility

cold country night
two deer in the front yard
graze in starlight

Christmas night sky
becomes sunrise
tree branches
covered with ice
glisten in the sun

new year
on the horizon
simple lines
of barns and trees
in the fog


December Poems: 2009 – the present

lighting the
Christmas candle
tiny flame
the night

December 2009
Hermitage 2005 and The Writers’ Bistro 2007
Quiet Christmas Poetry 2014

Winter storm
evergreen branches
bow to the ground

December 2010

mild December day
pheasants in the fields
apples still on some trees
poems to write
many books yet to read

December 2011

preparing a meal
of fresh vegetables
New Year’s Eve

December 2012

New Year’s Eve
nearing the end
of a book
with many more
to read

December 2013

almost dawn
small pink poinsettia
waits by the window

December 2014

almost too bright
December sun
through leafless trees

December 2015

He giveth snow
like wool:
he scattereth the hoarfrost
like ashes.

Psalm 147: 16 (KJV)
December 2016
Quiet Christmas Poetry, 2014

Thank you to GT Graphics in Sheboygan, Wisconsin for a beautiful second printing of our large print chapbook. Karl and I created this book from the posts at my site, Quiet Christmas Poetry

December 2017

different voices
create new songs

December 2018

New Year’s Eve morning
gardens are happy
to be covered with snow

December 2019

cold – yet from this ground
daffodils will grow

December 2020

older vision
grateful for my chair
by a sunny window

December 2021

Ellen Grace Olinger

snow today

snow today
red bow on the wreath
for the cedar tree

And these two poems are from Quiet Christmas Poetry:

wind freeing the snow
from evergreen branches

Christmas CDs
playing with the volume low
in the fields
the beauty of harvested
corn in snow

September on the horizon

on the horizon
all the goals
I can still
try to reach

This is an older poem, and my thoughts today reflect changes and years.

Good to have goals, and good to be flexible and able to revise. For example, I have made good progress on a draft for a new book. One post at a time, work grows. Then the new work is to make selections. Let things rest, and return with a renewed perspective. And I still like Quiet Christmas Poetry (2014, Elin Grace Publishing; second printing 2017). So perhaps the new book in 2022. Every person’s journey is unique. Take good care.

sun shines on old books
from my mother

Photo by Rachel Claire on Pexels.com
Photo by Thnh Phng on Pexels.com

History, Literature, Memoirs

I watch the news, and think of my parents, and the history they lived through. My father taught history, and my mother taught English composition and literature. Both volunteered after they retired. I am constantly learning more about history, as more stories are told and heard. Books written. Through literature, we can also understand more. There are novels and books of poetry on my shelves written from places I am not likely to visit.

My parents had “big picture faith” and majored in unconditional love. I was 29 years old when my father died, and 50 when my mother died. My brother’s passing was last year. We shall meet again.

And I am grateful for our blogs. I have learned of art online and books by contemporary authors and artists. This is a good way to grow.

This week we donated old clothes to the Good As New Resale Shop in Cedar Grove, Wisconsin.

Last year, we enjoyed giving copies of Quiet Christmas Poetry to Little Free Libraries in the general area. There is a Little Free Library site.

far from perfect
and in need of grace
we found our way
to unconditional love

old paintings
words from my parents
still encourage me

beautiful with
and without flowers
vase from my mother

Images: AntiqueClipart.com