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Parks and Seasons – 1

Stuart J. Mentink Memorial Park
August 21, 2019 – Oostburg, Wisconsin
Photos by Karl

Lake Michigan

Amsterdam Park – July 7, 2019
Town of Holland – Sheboygan County, Wisconsin
Photos by Karl


primrose blooms
in a lily garden

Photo by Karl – May 1, 2010

Photo by Karl – July 18, 2019

late afternoon

late afternoon
on a warm fall day
people of all ages
at the market
time for supper

Mentink’s Market Piggly Wiggly – Oostburg, Wisconsin

We bought these flowers at Mentink’s Market in July.

Ellen Grace Olinger

two poems

we wait and watch
the train go by
in our small town
memories of my
Swedish grandparents

My grandfather worked on the railroad, and I remember my grandmother’s kitchen!

train lights
and late afternoon
grey sky
Autumn begins

Image: wpclipart

Poems are by Ellen Grace Olinger.