Tag: Spring Notes 2021

Garden Work

I wrote about Karl’s work to remove the garlic mustard in our gardens last year. Looking at the yard this week, I can see that about 90% – if not more – of this invasive plant is gone. A great success so far.

And I can see how the Spring and Summer perennials have more room and are growing well.

The new poem I see today:

daffodils grow and
rest on the wood path

Education note and photo:

Garlic mustard page has more information, at the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources.

This picture of Garlic Mustard is from wpclipart. I am learning a little more each year.

many Springs

many Springs
yellow primroses
near an old tree

hosta grow again
around the ash tree stump –
the tree that fell in 2018

old friends
perennials and trees
new books and old
I read and observe
with gratitude

Owls in Tree is from Reusable Art.

Wooden Wheelbarrow is from Reusable Art.

Sunday afternoon

We enjoyed a Spring drive. Karl had the idea of seeing the trees at M&T’s Gibbsville Orchard. It is interesting to see the shapes of the trees, as they have been so carefully pruned for years. Some still have their Spring flowers. We will return when their Gift Store is open.

fruit trees
in the area
may the season
go well for
all the orchards

small red geranium

small red geranium
happy in the greenhouse
and now our home
on a small table
with carnations

We went to Cedar Grove, Wisconsin yesterday. We stopped at Windmill Gardens. Later I looked for more information to share with you. You can look at their Facebook page if you are interested.

The Geranium Drawing is from Reusable Art.