Tag: Spring Poetry

Sunday afternoon

We enjoyed a Spring drive. Karl had the idea of seeing the trees at M&T’s Gibbsville Orchard. It is interesting to see the shapes of the trees, as they have been so carefully pruned for years. Some still have their Spring flowers. We will return when their Gift Store is open.

fruit trees
in the area
may the season
go well for
all the orchards

evergreen branches

evergreen branches
dance in the wind

light on forsythia
by the old garage

daffodils and tulips
bloom in Sheboygan

and some here too
Wisconsin Spring

Ellen Grace Olinger

Spring grows

We were folding laundry, and I looked out the window.

Spring grows
afternoon shadows
on a green lawn

Routine errands today. We went to the Post Office in Oostburg, and then to Goodwill and Walmart in Sheboygan. Good to see a few neighbors in the morning.

We visited the new Meijers store in Sheboygan this week. They built on the land of a former mall, with many closed stores.

All good for our area, which I so love and appreciate.

Ellen Grace Olinger