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sudden storm

how a day
can begin
one way
and then change
skies are dark
power is lost
for a moment
rain . . .

and then
I open a window
a little

and the same
birds sing again

Ellen Grace Olinger



hints of watercolor rose
through the window blind
and bird songs


From July 2014:

light on new green growth
of evergreens

winds and warmth
summer reaching its fullness
after the longest day
in the North

Ellen Grace Olinger


The pictures are courtesy of antiqueclipart.com.

short poems from my summer archives


windmills gently turn longest day passed me by

another idea:

days grow shorter now
gentle turning
of windmills

* * *

late June
each green leaf
a silent word

* * *

country cemetery
trumpet vines
growing taller
than the gravestones

Time Of Singing
Summer 2012

* * *

summer warmth
dairy cows
nap in fields

* * *

dragonfly rests
for a moment
on the tree branch
long enough for me
to see each wing 

* * *

afternoon light
blue-grey skies
and water

give them a stage
to shine

* * *

Pictures are courtesy of Reusable Art.

Poems by Ellen Grace Olinger


each flower a star for a time


“Wild Orange-Red Lily” picture is courtesy of Karen’s Whimsy.

It’s the season of so many flowers now.

Our peonies are blooming at last and seem to be more abundant this year.  The daylilies are blooming away from Lake Michigan, and the plants and leaves are growing strong here in the yard.

Karl and I went for a walk in the neighborhood yesterday.  I enjoyed seeing wildflowers and the different ways people garden – from the formal to the more wild.  All so lovely.

* * *

A favorite haiku I wrote another year.

each flower
a star for a time
Daylillies 003

A few more of my favorite haiku about wildflowers:

loved for years
and now I know your name
blue chicory

how does it stay
so regal on this day?
Queen Anne’s Lace

growing older
goldenrod and roses
refreshed by rain

* * *

Post updated on July 11, 2014.
The photo is by Karl.